Outdoor Sports, Tourism & Travel Guides – Guest Post Opportunity

Outsportal blog is built for the outdoor adventure lovers. The purpose is to cover all knowledge and recommendations related to any outdoor sport i.e. camping, hunting, hiking, biking, skiing, backpacking, fishing or any other extreme sport. These guides will cover travel tips, travelling locations and gear guides.

You can contribute on our blog in the form of expert backpacking advices, guides and opinions. You can send a proposal stating your desired topic to cover. Your topic will be analyzed and may be improved to get better results. Once agreed upon topic idea, you can send the write up in the form of word file with proper formatting.

All content must be unique and original. You can put the appropriate links to suitable resources discussed in the article. In order to get increased reach and to get maximum benefit out of your guest post, you are advised to target low competition keywords having decent search volume.

You must also fulfill the following requirements:

  • Minimum 600 words
  • A short description (160 characters) besides above words requirement

You can send an email to omair111@live.com or use the following form: