Why You Need to Own a Damascus Pocket Knife

damascus pocket knife

Game of Thrones is a fantasy show set in medieval times. The coveted valyrian steel swords characters use may not exist in real life, but Damascus steel is the modern-day equivalent.

A Brief History

True Game of Thrones fanatics know all about valyrian steel-the sharpest steel in the land. Valyrian swords are characterized by the unique rippling pattern on the blades. The craftsmanship is so meticulous that these swords stay sharp for life. The majestic steel is known to have supernatural powers that could help save mankind.

Although not quite as magical, Damascus steel is pretty close. The metal gets its name from the ancient Syrian city of Damascus, but it wasn’t produced there.

Indian swordsmiths developed the craft used to Damascus swords thousands of years ago. The process involves forging different metals together, such as wootz steel, to make weaponry. Today, blacksmiths use steel ingots to form the extraordinary ridges of modern Damascus steel tools. Swordsmiths have also found a way to reproduce the original Wootz steel composition.


As an outdoorsman, you need a knife that can be used in a variety of situations. Carrying a bunch of different pocket knives around doesn’t make sense. The added baggage can really weigh you down when you’re in a hurry.

Damascus steel can be fashioned into hunting knives, carving knives, rigging knives, and tactile folding knives. The many incarnations of the steel speak to the metal’s durability and flexibility, which are two things every outdoorsman needs.

You don’t have to worry about using them in certain weather conditions. The steel won’t be compromised by rain, sleet, snow or hail. Use your Damascus pocket knife during a fishing excursion to cut the lines or ropes. You can also use it while mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and hunting.


Most Damascus knives are foldable and fit in the palm of your hand when fully extended. The size depends on the length and width of the blade. For the most part, blades are about two to four inches long. Handle lengths range between three to five inches long. A 2.75-inch blade is approximately 0.087 inches thick.

To keep the blade in place, many Damascus pocket knives come equipped with a liner lock. Users also get a pocket clip to attach it to clothing and a lanyard hole.

You’d also be hard-pressed to find serrated Damascus pocket knives. Most knives are straight-edge to display the intricate craftmanship.

Japanese razor pocket knives are growing in popularity. The handles on these knives are beautifully crafted, and some are fashioned to look like bamboo. The blade is an elongated razor, rectangular in shape. Knotches are located on the lever, and the knife folds up into a traditional pocket tool.

Purchasing A Damascus Pocket Knife

Many online stores claim to have the best Damascus pocket knives. We recommend doing thorough research before making a purchase. Vendors should provide key information regarding the knife’s dimensions and uses. Pocket knives differ from cooking knives and so on. To learn more about the many variations of Damascus steel, visit our website.


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