10 Best Lightweight Folding Camping Chairs You Must Pack

best folding camping chairs

A folding camping chair is one of the resourceful items that you should pack for your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re on hiking, trekking or camping, you can make use of it every time you take a break.  Unfortunately, most of the folding camping chairs have got the reputation of being bulky, but in recent years, lightweight portable chairs have evolved drastically. Now, you can find best camping chairs that preserve quality, strength, and comfort with reduced weight.

Factors to Consider before Buying Folding Camping Chair

There are some important features you should consider when you’re looking for a good camping chair. Picking a right one would make your trip more enjoyable and you no longer would have to sit on floor or rocks.

Folding Camping Chair Must be Durable

There are certain characteristics that tell us if the quality material has been used while manufacturing. A good folding camping chair is waterproof, cold resistant, washable, anti-dust, and shrink resistant, anti UV, fade proof, flame retardant, and tear resistant. On the other hand, many of these qualities would be missing if it uses the low-quality material. Therefore, durability is one of the most important factors to consider before spending money.

Folding Camp Chair should be Light in Weight

Weight is a primary deciding factor when choosing a simple camp chair. The lesser the weight, the easier to carry it around. However, if you choose luxurious folding camping chair, it is less important.

Good Folding Camping Chairs are Easy to Pack & Setup

Don’t leave this feature. Some portable chairs are incredibly easy to setup and pack, while others may take few minutes. Go for a chair that doesn’t consume your time. Actually, the pad designs and frames determine how easy or hard it will be to assemble and disassemble the chair.

Good Camp Chair must be Stable & Well Designed

Stability is also an important factor especially when you’re planning to use a chair on a beach or rocky places.

  • Folding seats and stools often called minimal camp chairs: best for backpacking on long hauls.
  • Regular camping chair: It has additional features like aluminum legs, arm rest, and seat back and a strap for easy carrying. It is best for multi-day
  • Luxurious camp chairs: They have additional features over a regular portable chair. They are best for turning your camping trip into relaxation.

Best Lightweight Folding Camping Chairs

The below is the list of best-camping chairs, ranked on the basis of positive reviews by the users.

A Quick List of Folding Camping Chairs

Sr. Name of camping chair Weight Description Price (Amazon)
1 REI Co-op Camp X  7 lb. 3 oz


Quality construction, quick dry, breathable, mesh fabric is tough, Reasonable price, excellent stable, and comfortable. Buy Now($39.50)
2 Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler 9 lb. 14 oz


Simple fold up and carry, comfortable, roomy bottom, Tall back, and padded seats. Buy Now ($30)


3 REI Co-op Flex Lite 1 lb. 10 oz


Lightweight and highly compact Can go anywhere, 11-inch seat height, and Neck support. Buy Now ($80)


4 Alps Mountaineering King Kong 13 lb. 0 oz


Most padded Camp chair, Not good for average camper, Excellent weight capacity and Tight and supportive fabric. Buy Now ($48)
5 Helinox Chair Zero 1 lb. 1 oz


Best lightweight portable chair, It is one of the best choices for backpacking, and Expensive as compared with other chairs. Buy Now ($120)


6 Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair 9 lb. 8 oz


Large and very stable, comfortable, it can be locked, tall camping chair, and about 300 pounds weight capacity. Buy Now ($36)


7 GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner 7 lb. 8 oz


Reclining back function, strap adjustments, Arm rest made from wood, 30.3 inch back, and packs small. Buy Now ($60)


8 Therm-a-Rest Uno 2 lb. 3 oz


Compact design, great for outdoors, travel, camping, and Lightweight. Buy Now ($90)


9 ENO Lounger DL 4 lb. 10 oz


Excellent comfortability, easy adjustments, durable, advanced style and design. Buy Now ($125)


10 Helinox Swivel Chair 2 lb. 8 oz


Stable, expensive than rest of the best camping folding chairs, comfortable and supportive. Buy Now ($150)


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Best portable camping chairs reviews with features are below:

1. REI Co-op Camp X ($39.50)

REI Camp X folding Chair

Weight: 7lb. 3oz

Chair dimensions: 20×31.25×31 inches

Best for: Camping and everyday use.

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         This chair is the best folding camping chair with zero durability issues.

·         The mesh is tough.

·         Breathability is far better than other best portable camping chairs with solid fabrics.

·         It is comfortable and is easy to carry.

·         It gets dry soon, unlike the camping chairs with thick fabrics.

·         The height of Back rest may be short for your taste.

2. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler ($30)

Coleman Quad Chair with Cooler

Weight: 9lb. 14 oz.

Chair dimensions: 24×37×40.5 Inches.

Best for: Camping and everyday usage

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         It is the most popular camping chair with all necessary boxes.

·         It is comfortable and roomy.

·         This portable chair is easy to assemble and disassemble.

·         It has tall back and padded seats.

·         This camping chair has a frame made up of steel, which may get rust over time if you don’t take extra care of it.


3. REI Co-op Flex Lite ($80)

REI Flex Lite camping chair

Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.

Chair dimensions: 20×20×26 inches.

Best for: Backpacking, travel and everyday use.

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         It is one of the lightest folding chairs with 11 inches height from the ground.

·         Flex lite is very simple to fold and carry.

·         It is comfortable and the most important thing about this camping chair is that it can go anywhere where you travel.

·         Unlike other best folding chairs, it is difficult to get in.

·         It has limited back support.


4. Alps Mountaineering King Kong ($48)

Alps Mountaineering King Kong camp chair

Weight: 13lb. 0 oz.

Chair dimensions: 20×38×38 inches.

Best for: Everyday use and camping

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         It is the most padded and the largest chair among in this list.

·         It has far greater weight capacity as compared with other camping folding chairs.

·         The chair fabric is taut and very supportive.

·         The name is better for the chair as per its features.

·         It is not suitable for average camper because of its high weight.


5. Helinox Chair Zero ($120)

Helinox Chair Zero backpacking chair

Weight:  1 lb. 1 oz.

Chair dimensions: 20.5×18.9×25.2 inches.

Best for: backpacking, short single day trips

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         It is one of the Superlight folding chairs.

·         The structure uses Aluminum which makes it sturdy.

·         The highly compact size makes it best for fitting inside or outside of a backpack.

·         Though it is an impressively light weight tech, it is expensive for casual backpackers.


6. Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair ($36)

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Weight: 9lb 8 oz.

Chair dimensions: 26×35.5×37 inches.

Best for: campers and everyday use.

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         Kijaro is among best folding camping chairs giving a high level of comfort.

·         As the name suggests it can be locked both in open and closed positions for stability.

·         The strong seat ensures high weight capacity about 300 pounds.

·         Large seat and a slightly reclined back rest offer an awesome feel overall.

·         Reasonable price makes it a good choice for camping.

·         It has a height of 20 inches from the ground which may cause dangling off your feet from the ground, but this may be a plus point for some folks.


7. GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner ($60)

GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner camp chair

Weight: 7lb. 8oz.

Chair dimensions: 23×25×30.3 inches.

Best for: campers and everyday use at home.

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         It has strap adjustments for moving the back of the chair up and down.

·         It packs very small.

·         Remember, only the back of GCI reclines.

·         It is an expensive option if you would not be using recliners as others best portable chairs provide the same comfort in less price.


8. Therm-a-Rest Uno ($90)

Therm-a-Rest Uno camp chair

Weight: 2lb. 3 oz.

Chair dimensions: 14×16×21 Inches.

Best for Backpacking and camping

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         Uno is a compact and lightweight folding chair with a disc base.

·         It appears like a small table.

·         It is an advanced design by Therm-a- Rest, for 2017.

·         Though it has a fun design, the plastic base may make it hard to fit in the bag.


9. ENO Lounger DL ($125)

ENO Lounger DL camping chair

Weight: 4lb 10 oz

Chair dimensions: 23×32×37 Inches.

Best for: Everyday use at home and camping

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         ENO Lounger is a comfortable camp chair with innovated design.

·         It provides many different adjustments that no other camping chair has.

·         Built in the pillow, height adjustment from the ground and a more supportive cup holder make it different from rest of the best folding camping chairs.

·         It is among the most expensive portable chairs.


10. Helinox Swivel Chair ($150)

Helinox Swivel camp chair

Weight: 2lb. 8oz.

Chair dimensions: 21×20×28.3 inches.

Best for: Camping and everyday use at home.

                                                   Pros                                                    Cons
·         It is a good lightweight chair having a stable 4-legged platform.

·         The frame and leg design are similar to Flex Lite.

·         It is very supportive and a comfortable folding camping chair.

·         Helinox swivel Camp chair deserves a chance, but if you want to save those extra dollars, you should avoid buying it.


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