The Essential Camping List for an Awesome Trip

Bright Orange Ten under The Milky Way

Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting out into the wilderness and leaving behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We’re talking of course, about going on a camping trip.

Camping is accessible to people of all different backgrounds, skill levels, and interests. So long as you have wilderness, you can camp.

However, camping in certain areas brings with it inherent risks. Obviously, each area is different, we wouldn’t compare the Colorado Rockies to camping on the beach, but it carries risk all the same.

There are certain must-have things that every good camper needs to ensure their safety.

You have the essentials like sleeping bags, pillows, and tents, but experienced campers will recommend other simple items to help you out of a bad situation.

Ready to fill up your backpack with your essential camping list? Great! Let’s take a look at what you should bring on your next camping trip.

Essential Camping List Item #1: Compass

Let’s start with the obvious. We’re sure you guessed that we would include a compass somewhere on our essential camping list.

Knowing your way around the woods without relying on electronic technology is crucial to planning ahead.

Yes, we know you’ve heard the old adage that moss only grows on the North side of the tree. Well, that isn’t true. Moss grows wherever there’s shade.

Having a compass ensures you’re never completely lost.

#2: A Quality Knife

A good knife makes for a multifaceted survival tool. You’ll want a knife small enough to fit in your pocket (pocket knife, obviously) and that also has a good edge.

Imagine if you’re injured in the wild, and need to make a sling. Your knife cuts the fabric. What if you need to build a shelter? Your knife can cut tree branches.

We could go on and on, but you get the picture. Quality knives give an outdoors person the peace of mind that they’re equipped to handle any situation.

#3: Survival Straw

Anytime you go camping there’s a chance you’ll end up lost in the wilderness. All it takes is a dead car battery, injury, or even a disorienting walk to leave you stranded.

This means you’ll need to find food and fresh water to survive until either help arrives, or you can make it out of the wild.

Of these two essentials, fresh water is by far the harder thing to collect. Luckily, a simple survival straw makes this a non-issue.

These straws filter water while you drink, meaning any water source becomes viable.

#4: Lantern

Thus far we’ve focused on preparedness for emergencies, so we’re switching it up and ending with something targeting comfort.

Lanterns make camping infinitely more enjoyable, yet are consistently overlooked by casual campers.

Think about it. Lanterns provide light where you need light. Relying on a fire not only takes effort, but you also can’t direct the flames.

Lanterns give campers focused, contained light to help keep the fun going long into the night.

Hopefully, our essential camping list makes your next expedition a little bit safer, and a lot more enjoyable.

Remember, nature is something to respect. Her power is immense and she demands reverence.

Play it smart and there’s nothing more amazing than a night out under the stars.



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