10 Best Backpacking Tents to Buy for Hiking [Expert Advice]

best backpacking tents for camping

When you’re in the market for a new backpacking tent, you’ll find a lot of options out there. However, choosing a hiking tent that fits best to your need can be overwhelming. This guide will show best backpacking tents that you’ll appreciate.

How do I Know the Best Backpacking Tents?

There are some important factors you should consider while deciding to buy a hiking tent. These are:

1. Best Backpacking Tents are Always Durable

If the quality material is used in manufacturing, it’ll last longer and it is what you should consider first. Let me tell you that through some low-quality tents, even a little sharp stick can pass. It is never a good idea to choose such tents because they will make you uncomfortable if you’re on multi-day hiking and obviously you would be buying a new one for the next time. I think it makes sense to spend a little more on a quality product that will be useable for many years.

2. A Great Tent is Light in Weight

Keeping the weight of backpacking tent low can make your trip more enjoyable. Although few ounces here and there isn’t a big deal, but keep in mind that you already would be carrying the other required stuff like a sleeping bag, shelter, sleeping pad etc.

3. The Freestanding Tent is Preferable for Lightweight Hiking

Freestanding tents are easier to use and they can be fixed almost anywhere. On the other hand, non-freestanding tents use poles and stakes for pitching, which would increase the overall weight you’re carrying.

4. 2 Person Tents are More Popular

2 person tents make a great balance between the interior space of the tent and the weight. Hiking tents with more with a capacity of more than 2 persons are impractical and get crowded. However, if you are a solo adventurer, and are looking for a light and fast hiking 1 person tent can also work great for you.

5. Best Backpacking Tents are Well Designed

Best backpacking tents keep their design simple with only required elements for the best user experience. Some elements in your hiking tent may be doors, interior space, air ventilators, and interior pockets.

If you’re planning to sleep two people in a tent, then a tent with two doors and vestibules will be a better choice. This ensures easy entrance and exit.

6. Well, Protection is a Great Quality of Best Backpacking Tents

Best backpacking tent will always provide awesome protection from storm and other such elements. It’s dangerous and I’ll say worse than worthless if it does not protect against such elements. So, be careful about this quality while buying a new hiking tent.

Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents and Features

1. MSR Hubba Hubba NX ($400)

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

Best for General hiking and camping
Net Weight 3lbs. 7oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? The right balance between weight and strength.
What’s bad in it? Expensive for weekends.

Other features are here:

  • Undoubtedly, Hubba Hubba is expensive, but it is durable and light weight.
  • It is a good choice in terms of ventilation and it also has vents on either end of the rainfly.
  • The symmetrical design of this tent allows easy setup and take down, and even single person can do this without many efforts.
  • It might need you to purchase some extra stuff for protection against a good storm.

2. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 ($450)

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2

Best for General hiking and lightweight adventures
Net Weight 2lbs. 12oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Lightweight and versatile
What’s bad in it? The thin material used in manufacturing.

Other features of big Agnes spur are:

  • The design gives comfort and convenience and still increasing its stability and strength.
  • It has a big ceiling pocket, with some other small sized pockets on sides.
  • It is one of the best backpacking tents because being light in weight it makes hiking more awesome, and what’s it all about.
  • The material used in its manufacturing though is thin, but it does not allow water to pass.

3. REI Co-op Half Dome 2 ($199)

REI Co-op Half Dome 2 tent

Best for General hiking and camping
Net Weight 4lbs. 9oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Inexpensive, ample of space.
What’s bad in it? Heavy than backpacking tents listed above.

Other features of this backpacking tent are:

  • The design is quite advanced which allows sides and ends to roll in order to let air in.
  • Setup is simple that gives easy access and provide a large amount of space.
  • It includes poles, repairs tube and tighteners, pole bag and other required materials.
  • Pockets and curved zipper help in smooth operation and organization of the interior of the tent.

4. Nemo Dagger 2P ($400)

Nemo Dagger 2P tent

Best for Lightweight adventures and General hiking
Net Weight 3lbs. 5oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Better design and roomy
What’s bad in it? It may collect moisture on its ends.

Other features of Nemo dagger tent are:

  • Nemo dagger has a large area for storage than most of the other best backpacking tents.
  • Hub design with clips makes it easier to set.
  • It also has built-in privacy panel, moreover, mesh pockets keep personal items near your hand.
  • Special fabric material in this tent glows the whole tent.

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5. MSR FreeLite 2 ($440)

MSR FreeLite 2 best tent

Best for Ultra-Light adventures and hiking
Net Weight 2lbs. 7oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Well designed, full-coverage rainfly
What’s bad in it? Not truly freestanding.

Other features of MSR freeLite Tent are:

  • It has a large door as compared with other best backpacking tents, this allows easy access.
  • It is the best tent in resisting weather conditions including rain, hails, winds etc.
  • Upper consists of a mesh, thus, it allows it ventilation in both warm and hot temperatures.
  • The durability of this tent has been compromised with weight. So, you need to treat with care.
  • Two adults can sleep with comfort.

6. REI Co-op Quarter Dome 2 ($349)

REI Co-op Quarter Dome 2 tent

Best for camping and hiking
Net Weight 3lbs. 5oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Luxury tent with more room
What’s bad in it? Little Heavy for backpacking

Other features of Dome 2 are:

  • Advanced from the prior version, and offer enough living room.
  • Dome 2 tent has reflective stake reduces hazard if you’re on night time trip.
  • In this newer version, durability and comfort have been increased with increase in weight to some extent.
  • The setting of this tent is easy, a single person can even do it in few minutes.

7. Hilleberg Niak ($795)

Hilleberg Niak tents

Best for Hiking, lightweight adventures, and camping
Net Weight 3lbs. 5oz
Number of doors 1
Why is it better? Hilleberg’s lightest tent
What’s bad in it? The single door makes it inconvenient for 2 people.

Niak tent’s other features are:

  • It is best backpacking tent for weather resistances, Hilleberg company keeps a standard in producing high-quality weather-resistant products, Niak tent is the lightest tent ever made by them.
  • This product, however, is not great for ventilation.
  • The product quality is fantastic, No need to worry whether it would last long or not, it surely will.
  • Higher price as compared with other best backpacking tents, ventilation problem on hot days, and single door make it rank at 7.

8. Tarptent Double Rainbow ($289)

Tarptent Double Rainbow tent

Best for Hiking and lightweight adventures
Net Weight 2lbs. 9oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Inexpensive and roomy interior plus better protection
What’s bad in it? It collects moisture on the interior.

Other important features of Double Rainbow tent are:

  • It is one of the best backpacking tents because of its quality with a reasonable weight.
  • Guylines and spectra; that is reflective and avoid night hazards are present in this tent.
  • It includes tighteners for tightening while there is a storm or the wind.
  • Moreover, it offers a fast setup that takes only 2 minutes.

9. Nemo Hornet 2P ($370)

Nemo Hornet 2P tent

Best for Ultra-lightweight adventures and Hiking
Net Weight 2lbs. 0oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Very light
What’s bad in it? You need to be very careful with mesh and fabric.

Other features of Nemo Hornet are:

  • It becomes very small after packing and thus it takes minimum space.
  • 2 person tent with 2 doors and vestibules and weighing only two pounds, that’s what makes it best hiking tent.
  • It consists of a single hub pole that is easy and quick to setup.
  • Durability though has been compromised to keep the weight minimum, while still, it is good to weather conditions.
  • Large door and vestibules allow easy access to the interior of the tent.

10. The North Face Triarch 2 ($350)

 The North Face Triarch 2 best tent for hiking

Best for General hiking and camping
Net Weight 3lbs. 6oz
Number of doors 2
Why is it better? Strong design and good tent weight for two persons
What’s bad in it? More mesh near the ground and small vestibules.

Other important features of Triarch 2 are:

  • It is better for hot and dry climate as it allows better breathability than other best backpacking tents.
  • It includes footprint and gear loft making it reasonable in its price.
  • Quality material has been used its manufacturing.
  • Moreover, it easy to pitch and guylines make it better in weather protection.



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